Verena Issel
Yellow Pages. Installations and their individual components


Dong-Uk Lee, Stefanie Sembill, ­Andrea Tippel, Annette Oechsner, Marianne Wagner, Marc ­Wellmann, Silvan Wilms, ­Laura Helena Wurth, Frank Breker, Uwe Carlson, Bettina von Dziembowski, Tanja Gorges, Isa Hänsel, Anja Heitzer, Alfons Hug


Catrin Roher




23,4 x 29,7 cm






German, English



Release June 2024

Verena Issel’s installations feel friendly and inviting, they are soft, round, colorful—we cannot but smile when we look at them. The sculptures and pictures she makes for them are replicas, sometimes laced with irony, of familiar objects from nature and culture—palm trees, ancient columns, and more—which she manufactures out of materials that surround us in everyday life and the domestic sphere such as an old bag, foamed plastic fragments, or a drainpipe. They are awkward giants, monochrome, simplified, two- and three-dimensional forms that wish us no ill. Taking a closer look, we realize that they embody what has been lost, that they are a plastic version of what we are destroying or have destroyed already: nature, obviously, but also ourselves and our cultural and social achievements. Their merriment and sympathy are tinged with melancholy, and the loss is doubly painful when we consider that the sculptures and graphic art are filled with no more than an imitation of life, and an exaggerated one. This catalogue presents a survey of Issel’s diverse and sprawling oeuvre. Expertly choreographed shots of the colorful works convey vivid impressions of her installations.


Release June 2024

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