Toni Mauersberg
Entre Nous


Arno Orzessek, Denise Koller, Toni Mauersberg, Vera de Vries


Rolf Eusterschulte, Berlin


17 x 24 cm


Softcover with flaps






German, English



Toni Mauersberg (b. Hannover, 1989; lives and works in Berlin) is interested in the different layers of a picture’s signification: there is, in the first instance, what it depicts; then the larger tradition in which it is grounded; and finally, the conditions of its genesis. She employs a range of painterly strategies and techniques to uncover the potentials of paintings as a medium of understanding, insight, and storytelling. The question that animates her art is how it is possible, in this post-religious, post-rational, and post-individual age, to be one’s own person. In her most recent series, Pas de Deux, Mauersberg investigates the complex visual language of abstract painting, which originated in part in a quest for new ways of representing spirituality and emancipation. Combining nonrepresentational pictures with portraits, she draws attention to how both are products of “making,” composed of nothing but color, while enlarging their interpretative ambits. The dialogue between the paintings is meant to help the beholders chart their own course as they unlock what appear to be hidden laws encoded in pictures.

Toni Mauersberg studied Jewish studies at Freie Universität Berlin in 2008–2012 and fine arts with Leiko Ikemura at the Berlin University of the Arts from 2009. In 2017, she was Michael Müller’s master student.

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