Maximilian Rödel
Celestial Artefacts


Domenico de Chirico, Lena Fließbach, Maurice Funken, Stefanie Gerke, Philipp Hindahl, Rafael Horzon, Leif Randt


Markus Dreßen, Spector Bureau


Clothbound hardcover


26 x 36 cm






German, English



“One must break free from wanting something and confine oneself instead to being something.” — Maximilian Rödel

Inky black, apricot, magenta, and a pastel purple: apparent monochromes, the paintings of Maximilian Rödel (b. Braunschweig, 1984; lives and works in Berlin) actually do not just traverse color spectrums; in a sense, they chart horizons of experience. To contemplate them is to embark on a voyage through space and time. Foreground and background are one, depth and surface at once; an undertow makes itself felt in which the nuances of color interweave, blur into one another, shimmer, flare up. The artist describes his pictures as an unfocused energy that already exists; he merely uncovers it.

The first publication on Rödel’s work presents the exhibition Celestial Artefacts at Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, with an emphasis on the Prehistoric Sunsets series (2018–2021). It is complemented by reproductions of selected works and an extensive index that also includes details from earlier series that are relevant in the context. Aperçus contributed by Rafael Horzon and Leif Randt and writings on art by Domenico de Chirico, Lena Fließbach, Stefanie Gerke, Philipp Hindahl, and Maurice Funken add another dimension to the paintings.

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